Maple Syrup Hydrometer


Maple syrup hydrometer with Baumé scale and Brix scale. Instructions included.


Maple syrup hydrometer (9 ½”) with Baumé scale (25-40) and Brix scale (45-75). Instructions included.

Note: Hydrometer is used with Hydrometer Test CupIf you do not already have a test cup, it is highly recommended that you purchase one for use with the hydrometer.

  • Used to measure the density of maple syrup at a specific temperature
  • Brix Scale and the Baume ScaleHydrometer is used to determine when to stop boiling
  • Professional grade hydrometer
  • Glass instrument – handle with care
  • Note this hydrometer is calibrated specifically for maple syrup (not to be used for beer or other purposes)

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